We carry out basic and applied research.
Prepare qualified researchers through doctoral programs
at USC

We work mainly in the following research areas:

a) Structural Chemistry: Research of crystal structures of molecular and extended solids
by X-ray single cristal.
b) Bioinorganic chemistry with a focus on metal complexes with biological activity.
c) Crystalline Engineering. Multicomponent pharmaceutical materials. Molecular recognition
in metal-organic systems between metal ions and bioligands.
d) Coordination compounds and Metal-Organic Frameworks.
e) Synthesis and structural characterization of coinage metal complexes.

Out team

Our team is formed by severals experts, enthusiasts of scientific research.

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We have opened several research fronts in Crystal engenieering, Bioinorganic chemistry, Coordination chemistry, Materials chemistry, etc.

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For our research work we use different experimental techniques: X-ray diffractometry, spectroscopy, spectrometry, etc.

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If you want to contact with a team member, get information, send us a question, see location, etc.

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